Welcome to SiPhotonIC ApS

Welcome to SiPhotonIC ApS! SiPhotonIC is a high-tech company helping you to design and fabricate your advanced silicon photonic integrated circuits (PICs). We provide two different silicon-on-insulator platforms, i.e. 220nm and 250nm for customers to design their silicon chips.

SiPhotonIC focuses providing the best service of design and fabrication of your silicon PICs with:

  • Fast delivery time (typically 1~3 months, depends on the designs)
  • Outstanding performances
  • High-precision fabrication

Our technology is based on electron-beam lithography (EBL, E-Beam Writer JOEL JBX-9500FSZ) based highly precise nano-fabrication, providing high flexibility for curstomers to design their optical components.

Based on our advanced technologies, we have achieved high-performance silicon PICs and silicon components published in Science, Nature Communcations, Nano Letters, Nanoscale, Scientific Reports, and so on. More details please see PUBLICATIONS.

State-of-the-art cleanroom

The company is using the state-of-the-art DTU Danchip National Center for Micro- and Nanofabrication (DTU Danchip). Within the 1350 m2 state-of-the-art class 10-100 ISO-9001 certified cleanroom facilities, it is equipped with advanced machines including 100kV E-Beam Writer JOEL JBX-9500FSZ, Advanced Silicon Etcher, STS plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), and so on for silicon photonics nano-fabrication.


Demonstration of chip-to-chip quantum teleportation

We report the first experimental demonstration of chip-to-chip teleportation of quantum states of light. Integrated quantum transceivers in silicon are able to prepare, manipulate, distribute and transceive quantum photonic states with high fidelity.

Generation and sampling of quantum states of light in a silicon chip

AbstractImplementing large instances of quantum algorithms requires the processing of many quantum information carriers in a hardware platform that supports the integration of different components. Although established semiconductor fabrication processes can integrate...